Gin Smugglers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Bootleggers Gin Smugglers work?

The Gin Smugglers gives you the convenience of receiving monthly beverage packages of 1 x bottle of NZ gin and a mixed case with 12 x bottles of our beautifully crafted Bootleggers flavoured tonics: 3 x elderflower, 3 x blood orange, 3 x classic and 3 x kaffir lime. 

What savings apply to Gin Smugglers purchases?

Each high-quality NZ gin is selected in a 700ml + bottle and will partner beautifully with our flavoured tonics.

What does it cost to join the Gin Smugglers?

$100 per month plus postage of $8.95. No cancelation fees apply if cancelled by the 16th of the month prior to postage.

Are Gin Smugglers open to overseas memberships?

Anyone can be a member! If you don’t live in NZ, contact to discuss freight.

Can I exchange beverages?

No – the selected monthly gin and case of flavoured Bootleggers tonics are set in place and cannot be adjusted. If you want to order anything else, please buy through our online Bootleggers store.